OBM Announces Contract with Arkon Energy to Automate Energy Demand Response

OBM Inc., (OBM) a Baltimore-based software company, announced today a partnership with Arkon Energy at their Hannibal, Ohio data center that will enable fully automated demand response curtailment of up to 100 megawatts of crypto mining load.

OBM’s solution will significantly improve Arkon Energy’s load management capabilities. These curtailments also help offset unexpected demand spikes and outages without the use of fossil fuel generation from the grid.

Arkon Energy is one of many massive energy customers who, with OBM’s Foreman software, can now operate with the nimbleness of organizations substantially smaller in size.

“We’re proud to partner with companies globally to automate energy curtailment, improve their sustainability efforts, and enable crypto miners to promote grid resiliency,” said Daniel Lawrence, CEO of OBM. “It’s truly new territory, and it’s pushing the bounds of what demand response programs have seen before. Partnerships with companies like Arkon Energy demonstrate the power of fully automated demand response. This has tremendous implications for the energy market in Ohio and beyond.”

Utilizing OBM’s Foreman software, customers can perform in the most demanding curtailment programs the grid offers. These extensive load control capabilities present the opportunity for substantial cost savings and the generation of revenue potentially reaching tens of millions of dollars.

“We’re excited for the opportunity to take full advantage of OBM’s automated energy curtailment services,” said Joshua Payne, CEO of Arkon Energy. “Utilizing Foreman software to flexibly respond to grid demand allows crypto miners to become good stewards of grid resiliency, and we are delighted to be a part of the solution to energy management and environmental impact.”

In 2023 alone, OBM’s industry-leading software saved its customers over $43M and surpassed over 1.5 Terawatt Hours (TWh) of curtailment. OBM offers enterprise-scale Bitcoin miners the tools they need to operate effectively while navigating energy market volatility. As research and innovation in the energy industry continue to evolve, OBM is committed to providing product offerings that keep up with regulations, automate energy management, and create a positive environmental impact.

About OBM

OBM, Inc. is a Baltimore, Maryland-based software company. Since 2018, OBM has been the industry leader providing software solutions to cryptocurrency mining companies through its SaaS management platform, Foreman. Foreman is a comprehensive, full-spectrum control system designed to provide automation and agility to the world’s most advanced, enterprise-scale Bitcoin mining operations.