Fairdesk: New Contest in German crypto trading 2023

“Fairdesk, a globally recognized cryptocurrency exchange, opens its doors to German users and offers an exciting Trading Competition 2023 in 2023. Find out how from btcusdt, bnbusdt, KYC Bonus can benefit more.”

As a global cryptocurrency exchange provider, Fairdesk is proud to have been providing a diverse range of currency transactions for cryptocurrency enthusiasts for two years. Futures trading in particular offers experienced traders a safe and fast trading model. At the same time, it reduces Copy Trading the trading risks for beginners.
Fairdesk coinmarketcap.

With the official launch of its services in Germany, Fairdesk enables convenient transactions and first-class services to all users in Germany. German users are one of our most important markets. Fairdesk plans to promote more in various communities and social platforms and warmly welcome German users to our big family.

To celebrate the launch of the German region, Fairdesk is hosting an exclusive Fairdesk Trade Championship 2023 only for German users from October 30th:

  1. Deposit and VIP Upgrade: Make a deposit of over 30,000 USDT and secure permanent VIP status.
  2. Share the big prize in the trading competition: The top 30 users with the highest ROI can share the entire bonus pool of $120,000 between them. $20,000 in bonuses will be paid out weekly throughout the 6-week event.
  3. Additional rewards for the top 3 users with the highest total transaction volume.

Fairdesk “Crypto price” provides real-time price details for tens of thousands of currencies, such as: BTC EUR, ETH in EUR, BTC price, so you can view it in real time.

We warmly invite you to attend the Fairdesk event and benefit from these exciting opportunities. Further details can be found on our events page.