Free TON Announces Ecosystem Rebrand to Everscale, Strengthening Its Scalability Mission

Free TON, a community-driven blockchain cultivating an open and free decentralized internet, has announced an ecosystem rebrand to Everscale. The new brand identity comes as the network prepares to migrate from C++ to Rust programming language implementation, enabling unmatched scalability and throughput capable of bringing the world on-chain.

Joanne Eberhardt, VP Marketing and Communications at TON Labs, commented: “The Free TON Network has scaled significantly due to ongoing support and collaboration within the community. After breaking the world record for executions per second during our Rust Cup validator race earlier in 2021, we continue to grow to new heights. As a result, the Free TON identity no longer encapsulates what our architecture, our community and our governance are capable of. ‘Everscale’ represents our vision for true end-to-end decentralization and scalability of community, governance, performance and adoption”

The Everscale rebrand will incorporate all entities of the current Free TON ecosystem: TON OS, the blockchain operating system; DeFi infrastructure elements, TON Swap and TON Bridge, as well as many other community built tools and applications. The transition to Everscale will also bolster the network and community’s previous achievements by accurately representing the core values of this ecosystem: end-to-end decentralization, unmatched scalability, open, scalable governance, and open-source infrastructure built for both utility and mass adoption.

Upon the official rebrand, the following changes will be implemented:

  • The network name will change from Free TON to Everscale;
  • The network currency will change from TON Crystal to Everscale;
  • The network currency ticker will change from TON to EVER.


With decentralization at its core, the Free TON community collaborated throughout the process, resulting in a final community vote that reached consensus on the brand name, Everscale. Over the coming weeks, the Free TON community will collaborate and develop Everscale’s holistic brand identity, with a website and more details to be shared shortly.

Over the past 18 months, the Free TON network has grown significantly due to the commitment and contributions from the Free TON community.

Michael Gord, Co-Founder and CEO of GDA Capital, added: “In cohesion with Free TON, DeFi Alliance has created robust DeFi infrastructure, including a bridge with Ethereum as well as five other networks, the TON Swap DEX from Broxus, and other infrastructure elements. We are certain that these additions will propel Everscale into a successful future.”

There’s been strong growth in Free TON’s NFT infrastructure as well, with three actively growing marketplaces. This, coupled with the network’s performance and true non-fungible token (NFT) concept, helped Free TON secure a partnership with international chess federation,FIDE, to launch the sports federation’s first-ever NFT marketplace, ChessNFT. The NFT marketplace will feature digital art and collectibles of iconic chess match moments, with full functionality due to go live late November 2021.

Ben Sunderland, community leader of Free TON, concluded: “The community eagerly welcomes this rebrand as a new opportunity to further progress our network and ecosystem vision of becoming the most scalable, accessible and adoptable blockchain infrastructure on the market. Everscale embodies this community vision.”

About Free TON (Now Everscale)

Free TON is a community-driven blockchain cultivating an open and free internet. Enabling true end-to-end decentralization with WebFree, Free TON is a secure and scalable platform modelled on the ideals of decentralization that features a per-merit token distribution model. As a built-for-purpose enterprise public blockchain, Free TON features multi-threading and sharding that enables record shattering transaction speeds and throughput.