The Concordium blockchain contributes to Danish Transmission Energinet’s new green energy certificate platform

Concordium contributes to part of the solution in the Danish state owned transmission company Energinet’s new platform where blockchain technology must guarantee the credibility of Energinet’s green energy certificates. The central element of the solution is energy certificates, which on a granular level link the production of energy with consumption. In the collaboration, a registration […]

Top Metaverse, Exarta, is Coming to Concordium

Exarta, a U.K based metaverse recently featured in the Business Leader Magazine’s Global Top 32 Metaverse Companies, is coming to Concordium. Using Concordium’s ID layer to build safe and authentic environments while balancing privacy and accountability, Exarta plan to go multi-chain, bridging serious gamers and brands from existing blockchains. Exarta says a Fortune 200 company […]

Concordium partners with Versus metaverse to expand beyond Ethereum Mainnet to combat steep gas prices

NFT battle game Versus, which features an Animal-Crossing-inspired open-world multiplayer metaverse, is adding Concordium to its ecosystem allowing players to explore unique arenas in collaboration with major brands. At present, NFT minting and changing ownership transactions for the Versus metaverse are executed on Ethereum Mainnet, while a Layer-2 takes care of “mini-transactions” such as playing […]