Terraform Labs Acquires Pulsar Finance, a Leading Cross-Chain Portfolio Manager and Data Provider

Today, Terraform Labs PTE Ltd. (TFL), a leading software development company specializing in blockchain technology, announced its acquisition of Pulsar Finance, a leading cross-chain portfolio manager and data provider. Pulsar’s analytics platform, which currently supports 96 networks and over 700 protocols, helps users track the performance of all of their tokens and DeFi positions, and see all of their NFTs across different blockchains in one place. Pulsar Data, a holistic Web3 infrastructure solution consisting of blockchain data APIs and SDKs, aims to ease the process of accessing on-chain data, saving developers time and money when building their applications.

“This acquisition immediately boosts Terraform Labs and our ecosystem’s ability to rapidly bring best-in-class, cross-chain applications to market,” said Chris Amani, CEO of Terraform Labs. “Integrating Pulsar not only enriches our technology stack but also adds an incredibly talented team led by three innovative entrepreneurs with a proven track record of success building and launching successful applications.”

“We’re thrilled to join TFL and be part of this remarkable team of builders,” said Miguel Loures, Co-Founder of Pulsar Finance. “Since we entered the blockchain industry, our vision has been to make Web3 easy and accessible to everyone, and everything we’ve built so far has had that in mind, from our consumer Portfolio Manager to our infrastructure Data Hub. It’s exciting to see our products and core values fit so well with Terraform Labs’, and we can’t wait to see the positive impact this will bring to the ecosystem.”

With this acquisition, Pulsar’s flagship Portfolio product will be integrated directly into Station, TFL’s cross-chain wallet that allows users to vote, manage tokens, and access apps across supported chains from one convenient spot. Pulsar Data will merge with Foundation, Terraform Labs’ infrastructure offering, making Terra one of the most cost-efficient and developer-friendly chains to build on.

About Terraform Labs

Established in 2018 and based in Singapore, Terraform Labs (TFL) is a leading software development company specializing in blockchain technology. Powered by a globally distributed workforce of experienced Web3 developers and crypto natives, TFL is one of the few companies to have developed an end-to-end Web3 experience, inclusive of a blockchain, wallet, block explorer, RPC solution, set of apps, and a suite of developer tools. Aiming to enable the next evolution of the Internet built on robust, decentralized economies, TFL serves as a core contributor to the Terra blockchain and is the creator of products and tools such as Alliance, Warp, and Enterprise.

About Terra

Terra is an open-source, public blockchain hosting a dynamic and expanding ecosystem of applications. On Terra, users can build applications and organizations using the available suite of cutting-edge developer tools, or simply try out existing ones by connecting a wallet. The Terra ecosystem runs on its native cryptocurrency, LUNA, which provides its holders with staking rewards, governance power, and the ability to pay transaction fees. As a permissionless, borderless economy with low fees and fast transaction times, Terra enables next-generation financial and economic products accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.

About Pulsar Finance

Established in 2021, Pulsar Finance quickly became the go-to portfolio manager in the crypto arena, offering comprehensive management of DeFi, CEX, and NFT assets across 96 networks. Its core, the Pulsar Data engine, enables rapid indexing and decoding of blockchain data for developers. With a vision of a fully on-chain future, Pulsar Finance aims to streamline access to relevant data for users and developers alike, making the management and development within the blockchain ecosystem as user-friendly as possible.