World’s First Truly Gasless Crypto Platform Launched by Tokenum: Be an Alpha Tester and Earn Exclusive Rewards

Tokenum, the pioneer behind the groundbreaking gasless crypto transaction, invites users to be alpha testers and promises rewarding bounties and retro drops for early adopters. Tokenum, a visionary in the crypto space, has unveiled a game-changing solution: the world’s first authentic gasless crypto transaction. While the industry buzzed with discussions, Tokenum transformed ideas into action, heralding a new age for blockchain transactions.

Tokenum Gasless Platform: what it is all about?

“Gasless solutions represent a game-changing evolution in the crypto industry. They not only free transactions from the shackles of complicated fees but also pave the way for newcomers, emerging blockchains, and ambitious projects to rapidly expand their communities. Tokenum’s gasless solution is the catalyst for a more accessible and thriving crypto ecosystem, making life easier for all who dare to dream big”, explains Takeshi Tokenai, the founder of Tokenum project.

Why Tokenum is so special, and why should you care?

There are several answers to these questions:

  • Pioneering Gasless Solution: Tokenum isn’t merely introducing a token; it’s championing a revolution. Their solution entirely removes the need for gas in transactions, addressing a long-standing pain point for crypto users.
  • Versatility Across Blockchains: Tokenum’s ambition doesn’t stop at gasless transactions. The token is engineered for adaptability, targeting integration across numerous blockchains for broad-scale impact.
  • Alpha Testing on Ethereum: Tokenum’s commitment to excellence is evident as it rolls out alpha testing on the Ethereum blockchain. Here, users can firsthand witness and engage with its unique features.
  • Exclusive Bounty Bonus for Alpha Testers: In appreciation for early adopters, Tokenum is offering bounty bonuses to every individual participating in the alpha testing phase. Simply try the product, and you’ll be rewarded.
  • Retro Drops for Early Users: Tokenum values its community. In a show of gratitude, retro drops will be made available to everyone who engages with Tokenum before its official launch, ensuring that early supporters share in the project’s success.

The dawn of a transformative era in crypto is here, and Tokenum is leading the way. As it breaks barriers and sets new standards, the crypto community is warmly invited to join this monumental journey. Experience, test, and benefit from the gasless transactions on Ethereum and earn exclusive rewards in the process.

How to join Tokenum’s alfa-testing:

The alfa testing is available for any visitor of, but to take part in price drawings, it’d better to start from Tokenum’s Zealy Campaign. The campaign includes both traditional tasks, like Twitter following, and the tasks to try the platform, including:

  • to transfer any amount of tokens from one wallet to the same or another
  • to bridge any amount of tokens from one network to another
  • to swap any amount of tokens

About Tokenum:

Tokenum, a vanguard in blockchain technology, is on a mission to redefine the crypto landscape. By transforming visionary concepts into tangible solutions, Tokenum, the world’s first gasless platform, is setting new industry benchmarks and ensuring its community thrives alongside.