Introducing Llama 3 VerusGPT – Open-Source Training Data and Domain-Expert LLM for Verus & Other Uses

The Verus community is excited to announce the launch of Llama 3 VerusGPT, a fully open-source domain-expert Language Model (LLM) designed to answer questions about the Verus Protocol. This AI has been trained to specialize in Verus, aiming to educate people about Verus in the short term and develop AI participants for Verus’ decentralized blockchain economy in the long term.

Helping Users & Builders

Llama 3 VerusGPT is the first LLM dedicated to helping users learn about cryptocurrency and the unique features of the Verus Protocol. This AI tool is designed for both newcomers and builders, making the Verus ecosystem more accessible. VerusGPT can answer any questions related to the Verus Protocol and its advanced capabilities.

To try VerusGPT or use it as an example for your own projects, join the Verus Discord, and visit the #verus-ai channel. As a model that can run locally or on a server, you can also access the model, files, and a tutorial on how all of this was done, which can serve as a step by step tutorial or starting point for anyone working to train their own large language models on their company or community information. With its permissive license, others are welcome to also integrate this data into their own LLM projects. You can access the model files, data pipelines, and step by step instructions on HuggingFace at this link:

The dataset generation code and datasets used to train Llama 3 VerusGPT are publicly available.

Open-Source for Everyone

This open-sourcing provides a powerful use case and demonstrates how domain-expert LLMs can be rapidly developed. By sharing these resources, Verus invites other companies, projects, and communities to learn how to train their own specialized AI models.

If you want to collaborate on this open-source AI effort, join the Verus Discord.

Dataset Generation and Training

Llama 3 VerusGPT is built with Meta’s Llama 3, trained on the base Llama 3 8b model. It uses a combination of generalized assistant-style data and special instruct tuning data focused on the Verus Protocol.

Data has been used from:,, Medium, API documentation & the Verus Vision paper.

The goal behind this project is to produce a domain-expert AI capable of answering basic to intermediate questions about the Verus Protocol, community, and project. Additionally, it understands the Verus community ethos and mission, effectively communicating this to the users.

An AI-Enhanced Future

VerusGPT paves the way for integrating Verus’ self-sovereign and private identity protocols (VerusID) with LLMs, creating next-generation social applications. These applications will offer conversational experiences free from the biases of any particular company.

Decentralized and unbiased social media platforms can create more transparent, equitable, and user-centric experiences, giving individuals full control over their content and interactions.

Join the Movement

The global Verus community invites everyone to participate in this open-source movement to create LLMs for various communities and organizations.

We also encourage you to start interacting with VerusGPT on Discord, where you can ask any questions about the Verus Protocol and receive expert answers.