Pablo Escobar’s Younger Brother Launches ‘Diet Bitcoin’ Fork

Roberto Escobar, the younger brother of notorious cocaine drug lord and cult figure Pablo Escobar, has entered the cryptocurrency market with his own ‘Diet Bitcoin’ which he promises will be the last digital currency standing.

Diet Bitcoin Will be Lighter and Faster

Roberto Escobar’s Diet Bitcoin (DDX), is a hard fork from Bitcoin currently being launched in an ICO at a 96% discount from the stated $50 value. It will sell for $2 through the former cartel member’s namesake venture investment firm Escobar Inc. TNW has confirmed the particulars with a spokesman from the company.

According to the official website, Diet Bitcoin will be a lighter, faster version of Bitcoin set to have a total supply of 1,000,0000 tokens which will be distributed through three different sales levels. The aforementioned pre – ICO of the first 300,000 DDX tokens is currently on offer at a 96% discount for $2. To be followed by a second tier pre-ICO sale of 300,000 tokens at $100 and finally capped when the final 400,000 go on offer at $1,000.

The website runs countdown a clock to the end of the first round sale, currently at 53 days. Danial Rietberg Escobar Inc’s COO has advised “Everyone should listen to these news, go to and buy as many dietbitcoin’s as you can afford. The value will be very high as we are identical in numbers to Bitcoin, except we are 4000 times cheaper right now.”

The website also includes a roadmap that outlines the development of the Diet Bitcoin from its inception in Dec. 2017 when the price and hype of Bitcoin were at its peak through to the network protocol announcement in August 2018.

Digital Entrepreneur and Author

Also, available at the website is the option to download the project whitepaper as well as Roberto’s new book for free. Alternatively available on Amazon for $8 Roberto’s book, entitled plainly enough Roberto Escobar’s Diet Bitcoin is a meditation on the former drug trafficker’s thoughts on cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and world finances.

For example, Roberto (known as El Osito, or little bear, in the drug world) explains his theory of how Bitcoin was not created by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto but by the US government. Hinting that the entire cryptocurrency market is a ploy to bankrupt investors. He wrote;

“The world is going to see that this was created by them … And when they see it, it is too late, and when CIA founds (sic) out that the world knows about this, the CIA is going to sell all of their coins, and they will destroy the value of Bitcoin.”

Roberto assures investors that as a businessman he will be standing behind DDX when all others fail. He added;

“You can stick with your worthless coins … Keep the Ethereum, Keep the TRON, keep the Ripple, keep the Bitcoin. You will see what happens. They will all go to zero, almost zero. But not my coin. Because my coin, this is going to be my new work in life.”

Diet Bitcoin is just another of many recent Bitcoin forks, very few of which have actually been a success.