Professional Boxer, Gennadiy Golovkin (GGG), Releases First Fashion NFT via Soul of Nomad

Soul of Nomad, a premium Silicon Valley fashion house has partnered with the Real Items (, a NFT commerce company powered by Polygon, to release an NFT-tied hoodie from professional boxer, Gennadiy “GGG” Golovkin for the upcoming release of the limited-edition Soul of GGG lifestyle collection.

The collection honors boxing icon Gennadiy Golovkin, who is considered one of the greatest pound-for-pound fighters of his generation. The first item in the collection will be a Limited-Edition Soul of GGG Hoodie, which comes embedded with a unique NFT (Non-Fungible Token) making each piece a truly unique collectible.

“This is an important strategic milestone for Soul of Nomad,” said Ashina Son and Nargiza Mashuri, founders of Soul of Nomad. “We are excited to be the first fashion house to offer an NFT component feature powered by Real Items on the Polygon Network to our collections going forward. This gives our customers a tremendous range of benefits from anti-counterfeit assurance on the public blockchain to the distribution of unique and engaging content directly with our products.”

The Soul of GGG hoodie is the first collectible of its kind and relies on three main pillars of Golovkin’s mindset: persistence, agility, and performance. The hoodie is presented in the brand’s signature color, NightRider Black, with a wolfpack lining and a mini-book, signed personally by Golovkin. An NFT QR code is permanently attached to the hoodie making the physical and digital aspects of the hoodie inseparable. Once customers receive a hoodie, the NFT QR code can be scanned, claimed, and verified using Real Item’s platform on the Polygon Network.

The NFT component of the collection is powered by Real Items on the Polygon Network. Real Items ties each physical product to an NFT— providing an indelible, unforgeable, and entirely unique digital identity. In turn, this creates ‘phygital’ item. The technology behind Real Items serves as a vehicle to both verify the authenticity and the origin of products and enhance the user experience through exclusive, embedded memories and experiences. With a mandate toward producing the best user experience possible, Real Items chose to build on the layer 2 Ethereum scaling solution Polygon to offset the restrictive fees associated with minting and selling NFTs on the Ethereum network.

“We are big fans of GGG at Real Items and are very excited to power his first NFT drop in partnership with our client, Soul of Nomad,” says David Menard, CEO of Real Items.

“NFTs aren’t just abstract, digital collectibles. They are vehicles that will bring about a renaissance to the commerce world. What makes NFTs exciting is that they can augment the physical world — in this case, Soul of GGG’s limited edition hoodie — with a deeper layer of exclusivity, interactivity, and authenticity,” Menard added.