Mint priceless NFT memories for your children and pets as OwlTing launches new one-dollar promotion

2021 has been the year of the Non-Fungible Token (NFT). Everyone from leading technology companies, enterprises, and celebrities scrambled to be a part of this movement . Various NFTs have exploded, and the trading and collection of NFTs are increasing in popularity. Being bullish about NFTs, blockchain enterprise, OwlTing Group, announces the launch of a brand new NFT minting promotion that will allow anyone to mint an NFT for just one-dollar! With the reduced cost, it will help more people mint and trade NFTs without having to incur a lot of upfront costs. In addition, OwlTing invites parents all over the world to mint NFTs for their children, to store and share the important moments in their lives permanently. If you don’t have any children, you can still participate by sharing your favorite moments of your pets. OwlTing is all about inclusivity on their NFT marketplace! Along with easy accessibility to minting NFTs, OwlTing is partnering with MomentX to increase ease of use for anyone to build their own Metaverse to display their NFT collection. Utilizing the phenomenal VR capabilities of the MomentX team, the NFT collection displays will be the first of its kind, bringing your family creations to the Metaverse.

With the bright future of the NFT market, OwlTing Group’s NFT promotion will allow creators to take the wheel of their marketplace experience. Creators can select their preferred token standard of ERC-721 (one-of-a-kind NFTs) or ERC-1155 (for multiple NFTs). They also can choose to keep the NFT in a personal collection, sell it at a fixed price, or auction it off to the highest bidder. With each NFT transaction, a royalty fee for the NFT is also provided to allow the creator to earn a percentage each time it is resold. The OwlTing team can also provide support for customized features like blind box NFT packages (surprise content) or airdrop NFTs (surprise NFT gifts).

“NFTs blur the boundaries between the virtual and real worlds, giving birth to a new internet economic model bringing the two worlds together for all . Many people may feel intimidated by their lack of digital, crypto knowledge or the possibility of expensive gas fees. OwlTing aims to include all users regardless of their tech or financial background, and that is why we introduced the use of the Polygon blockchain and launched our NFT minting promotion to make it an affordable and easy-to-use NFT experience,” said Patrick Wang, Chief Business Officer of OwlTing. “Using the Polygon blockchain lowered the threshold of gas fees compared to minting NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, and because of that now the NFT trading volume on Polygon has exceeded 100 million dollars. We believe that with the reduced costs for NFT minting, we can not only encourage creation from artists all over the world, but also allow the masses to mint all the meaningful moments, precious images, and memories as NFTs and leave permanent records.”

Darren Wang, Founder and CEO of OwlTing, said, “I am a father, and I know how much parents want to record their children’s lives. With NFTs, parents can preserve all the precious moments for their children and keep all those beautiful memories forever.” He added, “Furthermore, NFTs are the key to the Metaverse. Partnering with MomentX, OwlTing introduces VR showrooms for NFTs, with which everyone can see how the combinations of NFT and the Metaverse are applied. We aim to let everyone know that concepts like NFTs and the Metaverse may sound futuristic, but this technology is actually close at hand. Everyone can easily participate using our innovative technology.”

James Lee, CEO of MomentX, said, “NFTs can serve as digital assets in the Metaverse by integrating services like the blockchain and virtual currency, etc. Like the liquidity and anti-counterfeiting of merchandise in the real world, digital assets can be traded in virtual currency marketplaces and stimulate liquidity in the secondary market as well. The combination of the two makes an NFT more than a 2D image in the crypto wallet. With VR, NFTs can be displayed in a new way, and the immersion environment has a visual impact as real as traveling back to historical scenes by a time machine. This allows people to experience how they can live in the present and feel the moment through digital assets instead of watching them on a screen. Besides, we believe the Metaverse will improve the development of all walks of life and our lifestyle; it will change our daily entertainment, education, and working style substantially within the coming decade and exert profound effects on everyone, everywhere.”

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