Itheum Unleashes Data NFTs on Solana’s Powerhouse NFT Protocol: Drip Haus

Itheum Data NFTs empower Content Creators with a new Genre of NFTs that can enable the tokenization of their data in unique, dynamic, and innovative ways.

In the digital era where content is king, creators are the rockstars driving the internet’s vibrant culture. Yet, despite their contributions, major corporations still hold a monopoly on user-generated content and its data assets. Drip Haus is a revolutionary platform set to disrupt this status quo by empowering creators and advocating for data ownership.

Itheum isn’t just innovating with Data NFTs; it champions data ownership. We’ve released features complementing Drip Haus’ vision of empowering creators. Itheum’s Data NFT technology lets creators like musicians, artists, or authors tokenize their skills with dynamic data streams behind traditional NFT art, enabling shared ownership and access through multiple copies of Data NFTs.

One of the coolest and strongest points of a Data NFT is that it allows anyone to create token-gated, “data experiences”, with no custom technical work required on their side. This capability is incorporated directly into the Data NFT design, making it quick and simple for anyone to generate Data NFTs where access to the wrapped data can only be unlocked by the current owner of the Data NFT, putting powerful tools into the hands of creators without requiring new complex “web3 tooling.”

This approach aligns perfectly with Drip Haus’ mission, further empowering creators by ensuring they can monetize their skills and maintain ownership over their data.

Itheum’s Innovative Data NFT Standard on Solana

The first drop of Itheum Data NFTs will happen on June 19th, with an airdrop to the Solana community of the first-ever Data NFTs minted on the Solana blockchain via the Drip Haus platform. This is the second generation of Itheum’s BiTz XP generator – IXPG2. A collection of four different tiers: Ultimate, Legendary, Rare, and Common, which unlocks a fun “Meme Burning Game” that generates BiTz XP and links it to the Data NFT. This allows the Data NFT owners to start their data ownership and data tokenization journey within the Itheum Protocol ecosystem. The game allows you to collect BiTz XP – a unit strongly connected with the Liveliness (web3 Reputation) of each of the Itheum ecosystem’s users, which is backed by bonded $ITHEUM tokens.

By collecting BiTz XP, anyone can seamlessly start their journey for gaining Liveliness-linked perks inside the Itheum Ecosystem. For instance, one would need a specific BiTz XP score that relatively transforms to their Liveliness score, which then whitelists them to participate in other Itheum Protocol products like the “Gamer Passport”, where gamers tokenize and trade their bulk data with the Gaming AI ecosystem.

BiTz is your starting point to becoming an active Itheum user and is your “proof of activity” within the Itheum ecosystem. By simply owning and using the compatible BiTz XP Data NFT and playing the fun “Meme Burning Game” to generate points, you embark on a journey of activity and engagement that unlocks further perks and rewards. BiTz XP can also be earned by being active on other parts of the Itheum Protocol as well: minting Data NFTs, participating in product testing stages, listing Data NFTs, trading Data NFTs, and much more unlock BiTz XP and enables you to climb the leaderboards.

In this new era, content creators are not just the main attraction; they are the owners, decision-makers, and beneficiaries of their work. Industries like AI and ML can access real-time, authentic data for innovations. Creators—whether in music, art, or gaming—the future is yours with Drip Haus and Itheum. You’re not just creating content; you’re creating a legacy and owning your data. Industries, gear up—the data revolution is just starting.

Enter Itheum V2: Data for the AI Era

Itheum recently revealed an upgraded roadmap that lasered towards data tokenization for the AI industry, and the smallest building block of this revolution is our Data NFT standard, which represents a single “unit” of data that AI can consume.

Data NFTs aren’t just your typical digital collectible. It’s a groundbreaking technology that allows creators to embed real-world information into Data NFTs, making it accessible via blockchain technology.

Why does this matter? Because data is the new gold, especially for industries hungry for it, like AI and machine learning. Itheum’s Data NFTs can support valuable information that benefits both the creator community and data consumers.

An integral part of Itheum V2 is the Gamer Passport, currently in development, which will enable gamers to integrate their gaming data into the Itheum Ecosystem. This integration presents an opportunity for monetization through bulk trading of gaming datasets with industries hungry for data, such as the AI industry.

The collection launched on Solana via Drip Haus represents the initial steps for individuals to engage with Itheum’s core technology excitingly. By participating, users not only embark on a fun journey but also have the chance to accumulate BiTz points. These points translate into Liveliness, granting access to Itheum’s other core products and features.

Begin your BiTz collection on Solana by collecting Droplets on Drip Haus. Use these Droplets to participate in our drip channel and secure one of the limited edition IXPG2 Data NFTs.

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