Capsule Corp Labs Brings Developers the Next Generation of NFTs

Capsule Corp Labs, a subsidiary of Capsule Corp, the creator of the Ternoa blockchain, launched a platform for the creation and development of Augmented NFTs. Capsule Corp Labs partners with developers of decentralized applications by providing them with all the resources they need to bring Augmented NFT solutions from business to market, and from ideation to product launch on the Ternoa blockchain. Capsule Corp Labs’ objective is dual: Be a catalyst for bringing the next generation of NFTs to the public while developing the Ternoa ecosystem.

In spite of their growing success, NFTs big limitation is limited usability that mostly revolves around a transaction between two parties on a peer-to-peer marketplace like OpenSea or Rarible. An NFT is limited to the role of commodities that change hands based on hype and hope. Play-to-earn tokens and NFT platforms provide NFTs with another level of interest or incentive outside of the normal buy, hold and sell options. But in the end, the NFT remains treated as a commodity, redeemable for cryptos in a marketplace.

Capsule Corp Labs represents a true paradigm shift in the way users have always known NFTs with the development of Augmented NFTs, which are non-fungible tokens enriched with virtual components that communicate with the user’s environment at the user’s request. And users can interact with this new breed of NFTs, by leveraging web3 technology. Capsule Corp Labs is currently partnering with the developers of MetaFight, Tipple, Alphée and Playaverse, while developing internal projects for Ternoa, all of which focus on Metaverse-based apps.

Mickael Canu, Co-Founder and CEO of Capsule Corp, said, “Capsule Corp Labs is one of the pillars of Ternoa’s growth strategy, which is to offer a marketplace for Augmented NFT DApps that run on our layer one blockchain. To that effect, we created Capsule Corp Labs to accelerate the distribution of quality DApps on the Ternoa Chain and provide developers with all the tools they need to build, package and bring to market in record time quality applications that leverage Augmented NFTs.”

Benjamin Arthuys, CEO of Capsule Corp Labs, added, “Today, user experience with decentralized gaming involves AR, VR and metaverse. So, what users require from their interactions with NFTs must reach far beyond their use as simple commodities. Capsule Corp Labs facilitates this shift by accelerating the creation of applications that give NFTs a life of their own.”

The goal for Capsule Corp Labs is to develop at least 20 projects in 2022. To support this effort, the company’s headcount has tripled in the last three months. Outside of supporting external and internal projects, Capsule Corp Labs is also developing a program geared towards bringing Augmented NFTs to established artists, who want more for their creations than just an NFT marketplace.