Zaros Secures $1.8 Million Funding to Revolutionize Perpetual Futures Trading

In a significant milestone, Zaros, the DeFi platform known for its Perpetuals DEX and Boosted (Re)Staking Vaults, has successfully raised $1.8 million in funding. This financial boost, shortly before their Token Launch scheduled for 29th of May, propels Zaros forward in its mission to enhance perpetual futures trading through the innovative use of Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs) and Liquid Restaking Tokens (LRTs).

Addressing Industry Challenges

By addressing critical industry challenges such as limited liquidity, high fees, and complex user interfaces, Zaros aims to provide a decentralized trading experience that matches the convenience, liquidity, and variety found in centralized exchanges.

Innovative Solutions by Zaros

The new funding will enable Zaros to implement its vision more swiftly and effectively, revolutionizing the derivatives market.

Deep Liquidity and Staking Solutions

Zaros introduces single-sided liquidity pools (ZLP Vaults) for Liquid Staking Tokens like Lido and Liquid Restaking Tokens such as EigenLayer. Liquidity providers (LPs) earn ETH real yield from trading fees in the perpetual futures markets. These LPs act as market makers and receive an ERC20 token representing their stake, maintaining DeFi composability.

Simplified User Experience

Zaros offers an intuitive, centralized exchange-like user interface, making it easier for traders to navigate and execute trades efficiently. With account abstraction, users can manage multiple sub-accounts for diverse trading strategies. Social login options via Apple ID or Gmail simplify the access process, making it easier for users to start trading.

Higher TVL Utilization

Zaros markets have skew caps and open interest caps, enabling higher TVL utilization and allowing the listing of experimental markets, including memecoins. This flexibility allows Zaros to offer more dynamic and varied trading options compared to competitors.

Cross-Margin and Multi-Collateral Support

With 15 available assets, including WBTC and altcoins like LDO and LINK, Zaros provides more than twice the asset variety of leading competitors. This extensive range of options is advantageous for portfolio managers seeking diverse investment opportunities.

High-Frequency Trading

Zaros is focused on creating the best on-chain trading experience for derivatives on Arbitrum and Monad. Traders can enjoy high-frequency trading with deep liquidity and a wide variety of markets, including crypto, commodities, and FX.

Tackling Liquidity Provider Challenges

Liquidity providers in DeFi face their own set of challenges, such as limited yields from LSTs and LRTs, yield boosting complexities, and liquidation risks. Zaros addresses these issues with innovative solutions, allowing LPs to earn a share of trading fees and introducing mechanisms like USDz, eClusters, and soft liquidations to further boost liquidity and yield opportunities.

Commitment to Decentralization

Zaros is dedicated to advancing the decentralization of its protocol. Upcoming announcements will detail steps towards decentralization, including the distribution of trading fees to DAO participants, granting voting power, and distributing swap fees.

Expert Team Driving Success

The success of Zaros is driven by its experienced team:

  • Pedro Bergamini, co-founder and CTO, is a seasoned blockchain professional with significant industry contributions. He previously served as the Head of Blockchain for Illuvium, deploying smart contracts that secured over $1 billion of TVL on Ethereum.
  • Guilherme Bettanin, co-founder and CEO, brings extensive expertise in marketing and e-commerce growth to the blockchain industry. Before transitioning to DeFi, he achieved $20 million in sales in e-commerce.

With a team of 18 core contributors, Zaros is well-positioned to lead the transformation of the derivatives market.

Significant Backing from Industry Leaders

The recent funding round saw participation from prominent venture funds, including SNZ Holdings, Seven Capital, Cogitent Ventures, and DCI Capital. Angel investors such as Antony Sassano, Fernando Martinelli, Kieran Warwick, Andy Chen, and Kevin Lu also contributed, underscoring the strong confidence in Zaros’ potential.

Upcoming Milestones

Zaros is poised to achieve several key milestones in the coming weeks:

  • CEX Listings Announcement: Details of listings on major centralized exchanges will be announced on May 27th.
  • Market Maker Partnership: A collaboration with a leading market maker will be revealed on May 28th.
  • IDO Launch: The Initial DEX Offering (IDO) for $ZRS will commence on May 29th.

Join the Zaros Community

For more information and to stay updated on Zaros’ progress, visit Zaros, follow @zarosfi on Twitter, and join the Zaros Discord community. Technical details can be found in the protocol’s technical documentation.

Zaros is committed to decentralizing the derivatives market, offering unparalleled opportunities for traders and liquidity providers. Join us in redefining the future of finance.