TYMIO Innovates DeFi Landscape With Limit Orders and Fixed Yield

TYMIO, the decentralized finance (DeFi) platform pioneering the concept of limit orders with yield, is pleased to announce its latest milestone in revolutionizing crypto asset investing and management. Following the deployment of a new version of the smart contract and a rigorous audit conducted by Pessimistic Security, the company has completed the next development phase of the TYMIO DSPP (Decentralized Structured Products Protocol).

By adopting the “dual asset” structured products concept from TradeFi and integrating it on-chain, TYMIO introduces a simple and flexible way to obtain high yield from significant assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, paid in stablecoins.

“We all use limit orders to buy or sell assets at the price we want. With TYMIO, one can earn a fixed yield from the order, and the best part is that the yield is guaranteed in both scenarios: it doesn’t matter if the order is executed or not. This is a great illustration of the ‘turn time into money’ concept, which is our motto!” – said Georgii Verbitskii, Founder and CEO of TYMIO.

TYMIO brings simplicity, on-chain transparency, and security combined to enable several use cases, from simply buying the asset below the market price or selling above the market price to executing low-risk passive income strategies with an APR significantly above the market benchmark.

TYMIO’s unique features include:

  • Consistent yield while maintaining peace of mind: TYMIO eliminates the need for active trading, allowing users to capitalize on crypto market movements without the risk of liquidation. Users can earn income while retaining complete control over their assets.
  • Flexibility: Unlike options vaults, app users can choose from different durations and price levels.
  • Welcome bonus: TYMIO allows users to earn an increased APR on their wallets by adding +11% to the EARN sum on the first transaction.
  • Security: TYMIO prioritizes security and transparency, ensuring user funds are protected, and transactions are executed safely on the blockchain.

To start earning with TYMIO, users must connect a wallet with the desired network (Arbitrum and ETH are available options; more networks will be added soon) and choose an order to buy or sell. Upon order execution, users receive a target asset at the intended price plus a guaranteed yield. In the event of order non-execution, users receive their assets back along with the guaranteed yield.

Looking ahead, TYMIO is poised to disrupt the traditional finance industry by democratizing access to decentralized financial services. With a focus on user privacy, autonomy, and control, TYMIO aims to empower individuals and businesses to take control of their financial future.

“We believe that on-chain apps are the future of corporate and personal finances. We are more than happy to combine the power of the crypto options liquidity markets with a simple, easy-to-use user interface so rarely seen in DeFi apps. Now, everyone can grow their assets with high-yielding low-risk structured product strategies previously available only for professionals” – added Georgii Verbitskii.