Voltage Unveils Innovative Bitcoin Core Product for Enterprises

Voltage, a leading provider of Bitcoin and Lightning Network infrastructure, today announced the launch of its revolutionary Bitcoin Core product, designed to deliver unparalleled operational efficiency for enterprises. This new offering provides businesses with direct access to the Bitcoin blockchain and mempool, along with advanced node creation and fast syncing capabilities, setting a new standard in Bitcoin infrastructure.

Voltage’s Bitcoin Core product enables enterprises to optimize transaction fees, prioritize critical transactions, and maintain seamless operations through fast syncing and streamlined node management. With a focus on non-custodial solutions, Voltage ensures maximum security and control for its clients.

“Our new Bitcoin Core product is a game-changer for enterprises requiring premium access to the Bitcoin network,” said Graham Krizek, Founder and CEO of Voltage. “By offering this solution, we are extending our leadership in the Bitcoin infrastructure space, making Voltage the go-to platform for both Lightning Network and Bitcoin Core services.”

Voltage’s solution addresses the traditional challenges of Bitcoin node deployment by introducing features such as 24-hour blockchain snapshots and an intuitive dashboard for node management. These innovations reduce the complexities and resource demands typically associated with node setup and maintenance, ensuring rapid integration with existing business systems.

Key Benefits of Voltage’s Bitcoin Core Product:

  • Operational Efficiency: New nodes start with 99% of the blockchain downloaded, ensuring quick and reliable network connectivity.
  • High Uptime: Voltage guarantees 99.99% uptime, providing robust reliability for enterprise operations.
  • Security and Compliance: Hosted on SOC II-compliant infrastructure, Voltage’s Bitcoin Core product ensures the highest security standards without storing sensitive data.
  • User-Friendly Interface: An intuitive dashboard allows businesses to manage node settings, RPC users, and ZMQ interactions effortlessly.

“We’re excited to add support for Bitcoin Core nodes. We’ve been working with select clients on their Bitcoin Core needs for some time, but today we make it available to everyone,” added Krizek. “With this addition, Voltage is not just the go-to place for Lightning Network infrastructure. Voltage is the go-to place for all Bitcoin services.”

Voltage’s Bitcoin Core product is designed with enterprise-grade security in mind, offering a comprehensive solution that transforms the way businesses interact with the Bitcoin network. By addressing speed, configurability, and user management, Voltage enables enterprises to harness the full potential of Bitcoin Core with ease.

About Voltage

Voltage empowers engineering teams with Bitcoin-centric infrastructure that enables enterprise-grade experiences. By leveraging Voltage, businesses receive the fastest and most scalable Lightning solution, meeting the highest security and privacy standards. Voltage offers a suite of node, liquidity, and data services that elevate the value proposition through advanced Lightning Network architecture.