Shares in Pacio Core Ltd (“Pacio”) are due to become the first security tokens admitted to trading on the Tokenise Stock Exchange (“TKSE”)

The listing will take place upon completion of the review and registration with the Barbados Financial Services Commission (“FSC”) and the Barbados Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office (“CAIPO”), as part of the due process to ensure the Prospectus has been drafted in accordance with the Securities Act, Cap. 318A and Companies Act Cap 308.

Pacio Core Ltd, a Triple Entry Accounting solutions software provider, has been valued at US$50 million this year. The TKSE has agreed to admit to trading, subject to receipt of the proof of registration from the FSC, 50 million tokenised ordinary shares, listing price US$1 per PIO token. The Pacio tokens will be admitted to trading with the ticker PAC10. PIO has made arrangements for a free float of up to 49.7% of its share capital available for purchase to investors as part of its direct listing on TKSE.

David Hartley, Founder and CEO of Pacio Core Ltd, commented in response to the listing announcement, “The fully regulated market for our tokenised equity ideally complements our goals to take Triple Entry Accounting (“TEA”) to the world as the new world standard for accounting and business. A non-regulated crypto type exchange is not appropriate for us given our goals for TEA. In addition to the fantastic support by Tokenise’s team on our road to listing, we, as a Sant Lucian based company favour Tokenise as an exchange from Barbados. We want to strengthen the international profile of Caribbean nations as high-tech business hubs.”

Mike Kessler, Founder and CEO of Tokenise, remarked that Tokenise “are delighted to work with David, the Pacio team and their corporate advisor to support the listing on the platform. As the first listing, this is a huge milestone for the Tokenise team who have worked extremely hard to make this a reality. We are really happy that Pacio chose Tokenise and have helped pioneer security tokens on a regulated market.”

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