Renowned Poker Star Doug Polk Becomes Coinflex’s First Global Brand Ambassador

On the back of a big year for CoinFLEX, the crypto derivatives exchange that now powers the exchange, has just launched its brand ambassador initiative to expand its global community. CoinFLEX’s first brand ambassador is world-renowned poker star, Doug Polk.

Doug Polk is one of poker’s most well-known superstars, having won over $9.5 million in live tournaments and more recently booking a win for $1.2 million in a heads-up competition versus fellow poker pro Daniel Negreanu.

Doug is just as well known for his skills “away from the felt” as a content creator and educator as he is for being a card shark. Some may know Doug from his crypto youtube channel, which gained 150,000+ subscribers in 2017. He also built one of poker’s most beloved youtube channels, amassing over 350,000 subscribers and over 1.3 billion views across his four YouTube channels.

Doug discovered crypto during his poker career when he needed a simple way to move money around the world as he went from country to country playing poker. When he found crypto, he immediately saw how it could benefit him and others like him worldwide. Doug said, “When I first came across Bitcoin, I was immediately hooked; I saw an opportunity that could change the way we view money.”

CoinFLEX is Doug Polk’s first-ever sponsor

When asked why he chose to partner with CoinFLEX, Doug said, “I asked myself: do I believe in the core values of what CoinFLEX is trying to accomplish? Are they working on something interesting and unique? Something that can provide value to their customers?” The answer was a “resounding yes.”

As a known community builder and educator in the poker world, Doug will help CoinFLEX build a stronger global community of crypto enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Mark Lamb, CEO of CoinFLEX, said, “Doug is exactly who we’re looking for and sets the bar high as we continue to grow the CoinFLEX community and our ambassador program.”