Cryptomus Shakes Up Crypto: Unveils Fee-Free iOS App and Launches Rewarding CRMS Token

In a bold move that disrupts the digital currency space, Cryptomus has unveiled its much-anticipated iOS application, a comprehensive solution for crypto enthusiasts seeking a seamless, fee-free trading experience. This innovative app, now available on the App Store, enables users to store, withdraw, and convert cryptocurrencies without any fees, make payments, and monitor their shop’s statistics effortlessly.

Adding to the excitement, Cryptomus proudly announces the launch of the CRMS token, an innovative reward mechanism designed to enrich the financial journey of its users. In an industry-first, transactions made from personal Cryptomus wallets will now yield up to 0.4% cashback in CRMS tokens. Additionally, users can earn up to 21 CRMS tokens by completing various tasks in the Awards, further enhancing the value they receive from the platform.

The CRMS token, with a maximum supply of 50,000, is poised to become a significant asset in the crypto market. Available for trading on the Uniswap exchange, it offers Cryptomus users not only a form of reward but also an opportunity to engage more deeply with the burgeoning crypto economy.

This dual initiative marks a significant milestone for Cryptomus as it continues to pioneer innovative financial solutions that meet the needs of modern users. The company’s commitment to providing value, convenience, and opportunities to its community sets a new standard in the digital finance world.

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