BitFi, a Leading CeDeFi platform, Surpasses $400M TVL Since Early Access Launch

Since its Early Access launch, BitFi already secured more than the $400M TVL, marking it as a leading CeDeFi platform. This impressive achievement underscores BitFi’s commitment to empowering users through a powerful combination of secure staking and multiple layers of yield sources. Fueled by cutting-edge on-chain technology and comprehensive off-chain strategies, BitFi consistently optimizes returns across various sources, making it the ideal destination for BTC holders.

Maximizing BTC yield by efficiently utilizing CeFi+DeFi Infrastructure

On June 25, 2024, BitFi launched The Secret Moon Event, offering early access to staking $BTCB, $WBTC, and $BTC. Since then, BitFi Total Value Locked (TVL) has experienced rapid growth, surpassed $400M.

BitFi maximizes returns on BTC by efficiently leveraging CeFi and DeFi Infrastructure and generating multiple layers of yields for BTC stakers:

  • CeFi Yields: Competitive returns generated from ultra-low-risk quantitative strategies securely deployed on staked BTC. Managed by BitFi’s trading team, which boasts a strong Wall Street background, these strategies provide our users with direct and seamless access to performance typically exclusive to institutions and high-net-worth investors.
  • Ecosystem Yields: Attractive yields offered by ecosystem partners on BitFi’s staking token.
  • BitFi Platform Yields: BitFi token airdrops/yields offered to BTC stakers and participants of various BitFi campaign activities.

This innovative integration of cutting-edge on-chain technology and comprehensive off-chain trading strategies makes BitFi the optimal platform to generate returns on your BTC, while keeping the asset safe at all times.

Looking Ahead: Whitelisting Campaigns

The excitement is building! Following this impressive TVL surge, BitFi is preparing to welcome whitelisted users to experience the platform firsthand. Stay tuned for details on how to join the upcoming whitelist campaigns. And the journey doesn’t stop there. BitFi is committed to continuous innovation, with exciting features like Re-Staking and Dynamic Dollar Yield on the horizon. Get ready to unlock even more potential from your digital assets with BitFi.

About BitFi

BitFi is a revolutionary CeDeFi platform that combines secure staking mechanisms with innovative synthetic assets to create a robust and dynamic ecosystem. By leveraging cutting-edge on-chain technology and comprehensive off-chain quantitative strategies, BitFi is dedicated to optimizing your asset returns safely and efficiently across multiple blockchains.