Big Eyes Coin and Neo Could Be Great Wealth Boosters Amid Crypto Winter

The secret to astute investments in the crypto market is finding the opportunity hidden in every situation. The top successful market players today have made the most of every market condition, whether a progressive rally or a downward trend like the past months.

According to professionals, the period of cryptocurrency price crashes is the best time to get the right crypto asset at a very low price and wait until it increases in price to earn a return. This makes now a good time to buy some crypto assets before they begin a serious recovery rally.

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Neo (NEO) could be a great purchase option, with the new meme coin Big Eyes Coin (BIG) equally promising to be a great buy. We consider these crypto assets below:

Big Eyes (BIG): Big in Name, Big in Potential

It’s not all meme coins that get to survive beyond the buzz surrounding them, especially in the Doge ecosystem, but Big Eyes could be different. The new meme coin is set to go live on top crypto exchanges, and analysts believe it will have an impressive market run when it finally launches. Big Eyes (BIG) uniqueness as a cat-theme token with defined utility in profitable crypto spaces increases its likelihood of succeeding after it launches.

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The DeFi meme coin with NFT-related use cases will make itself useful to society by protecting the world’s ecosystem via charity while providing financial and growth benefits for users on its blockchain ecosystem. Big Eyes blockchain ecosystem will feature a Swap for asset exchange and a marketplace for trading Big Eyes merchandise, NFTs, and other digital items.

The meme coin hopes to build on its prominence quickly by ensuring the continued implementation of an effective marketing strategy. It may ultimately get celebrity endorsement like past successful meme projects. The Ethereum-based community-centered project aims to be a meme coin with the complete package – fun and unlimited benefits. It is one of the projects aimed at improving DeFi adoption, and all these may contribute greatly to the crypto asset’s success.

Big Eyes’ ERC-20 token, BIG, supports every activity in the ecosystem, including rewards, transaction payments, and trading. It may also facilitate governance in the future, as Big Eyes developers have their growth and development plans in place. The meme coin is set to show that its presale success is no fluke, and enthusiasts are optimistic about it replicating such success in its first few years in the market. You still have a chance to join the Big Eyes presale now; tomorrow may be too late.

Neo (NEO): Seamless Transactions

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Neo is a blockchain platform that enables users to perform digital transactions seamlessly. The future-proof network is optimized to allow users to enjoy high throughput and scalability, with a greater number of transactions per second than its contemporaries. Neo is a secure platform for dApp building, smart contract development, and other transactions that may involve payment, identities, and assets.

The decentralized network has dual tokens, NEO and GAS. The former, NEO, is the governance investment token, serving as a profitable store of value for most crypto enthusiasts, and giving the network users voting rights. While the latter, GAS, is the utility token, and it’s used as payment for transactions. Neo (NEO) is one of the cryptocurrencies that could surprise crypto enthusiasts with its run.

The cryptocurrency has shown promising signs in recent weeks, and analysts believe the crypto asset can go from its less than $10 current price to its initial year high of $41+. Neo (NEO) last reached a peak point around 5 years ago, and analysts are not expecting it to do that in the coming year. However, the crypto asset could bring some profitable returns for holders.

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