AscendEX Lists WINkLink, WIN

AscendEX is excited to announce the listing of the WINkLink token (WIN)! Trading will begin under the trading pair (WIN/USDT) starting on April 6th at 1 p.m. UTC.

WINkLink is a decentralized oracle network designed to link the on-chain and off-chain execution of smart contracts. WINkLink is currently deployed on the TRON network and plans to integrate with other blockchain networks in the future. Decentralized smart contracts eliminate the need for trust among participants, and WINkLink ensures the security of smart contract execution, including obtaining data from off-chain sources. By providing these features for the smart contract ecosystem, WINkLink strives to integrate smart contracts into real-world events, thus accelerating the transition from traditional digital contracts to a more widespread adoption of smart contracts.

Due to their inability to directly interact with external data sources, blockchain-powered smart contracts have been limited in their application until recently. Oracles provide the ability to connect smart contracts with off-chain data sources. The majority of existing oracles are centralized, generating risks involving a single point of failure, compromising the security offered by decentralization. In order to provide smart contracts with external data in a secure fashion, WINkLink developed a decentralized oracle project. The WINkLink oracle connects smart contracts with various real-life events and data points while supporting a high level of security and reliability. With the rapid rise in popularity of DeFi applications, a stable and reliable decentralized oracle service is key to their success.

In order to apply smart contracts to a broader range of use cases, the input and output data must be accurate. For example, securities-based smart contracts, including bonds, interest rate derivatives, and many others, require API access to report off-chain data such as market prices from various exchanges. WinkLink can output blockchain-based data securely to off-chain systems while ensuring the tamper-proof capabilities of smart contracts.

WIN, the native token of WINkLink, is a TRC-20 token designed for use on the Tron Network. WINkLink will power WIN tokens in many ways, including using WIN tokens to pay WINkLink Node operators to retrieve data from off-chain data feeds, formatting data into blockchain readable formats, off-chain computation, and uptime guarantees they provide as operators.