Metaverse Project “Genso Meta” Announces MV Chain With Arbitrum Orbit to Improve User Experience

Since its launch, Genso Meta has been actively developing applications that combine gaming and blockchain technology. Beyond Play2Earn, Genso introduced UGC2EARN, allowing players to create and profit from content. They’ve also partnered with Hikone Castle in Japan to blur the lines between the virtual and real world for their users.

With over 340,000 users and a thriving community, Genso Meta is taking the next step to improve the user experience and expand future possibilities. They’ve been working with various public chains and partners to transition from a single-chain Polygon architecture to a multi-chain, multi-ecosystem core. This evolution includes the introduction of MV Chain, built on Arbitrum Orbit.

Why MV Chain?

  • Enhanced User Experience: Many gamers are unfamiliar with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency wallets.MV Chain aims to lower the barrier to entry through account abstraction, a Web3 trend that removes the need for users to directly interact with wallets, similar to traditional Web2 games. Players can directly use the $MV token as gas fees, eliminating the need to purchase ETH or Matic. Additionally, MV Chain, powered by Arbitrum Orbit technology, offers lower and more predictable gas fees. Genso can even cover gas fees for users in specific scenarios, creating a smoother gameplay experience.
  • Expanding the Metaverse: MV Chain, built on Arbitrum Orbit, supports smart contract development in languages beyond Solidity, such as Rust, C, and C++. This opens doors for a more user-friendly development environment not just for Genso Meta itself, but also for future merchants and partners, allowing for a wider variety of applications within the metaverse. Furthermore, MV Chain leverages the security and network stability of the Ethereum blockchain, the world’s second-largest, for enhanced security.
  • Bridging the On-Chain and Off-Chain Divide: Through MV Chain, Genso aims to provide a seamless connection between the metaverse and retail merchants, major brands, and institutions. Your achievements in Genso Meta won’t be limited to the game – they can become part of your real-world identity. Winners and experts within the game can receive real-life benefits like special event tickets and discounts, while real-life activities can enhance your in-game character and add another layer of fun.
  • A Richer Metaverse: MV Chain’s L3 architecture allows Genso to provide a frictionless account abstraction experience, further expanding the diversity of the metaverse in both the on-chain and off-chain realms.
  • Entertainment: The possibilities extend beyond traditional gaming, opening doors for metaverse concerts and online movie premieres.
  • Resources: Genso is collaborating with DePIN to introduce real-world resource management to the metaverse. Imagine tending to your virtual farm and receiving real-life harvests!
  • Experiences & Engagements: The metaverse could allow you to collect not just characters, but even scenes from movies!

A Smooth Transition

Current Polygon chain users won’t lose their assets or game progress. This change simply means Genso Meta will add support for MV Chain. Users can migrate to MV Chain at their convenience.

The Timeline

Genso expects to complete MV Chain in Q3 of this year. All major project milestones will be announced on their official website and community channels. These milestones may include (order subject to change):

  • Bridging $MV tokens to Arbitrum One (MV Chain’s parent chain)
  • Building Dapps on Arbitrum One (Staking V1, Staking V2, etc.)
  • Establishing the founding MV Chain community (including Genso infrastructure partners and merchant brands)
  • Deploying the MV Chain testnet
  • Deploying the Gensokishi Metaworld contract on the MV Chain testnet
  • Testing Gensokishi Metaworld on the MV Chain testnet
  • Launching the MV Chain mainnet
  • Releasing the Genso web version for MV Chain BETA
  • Testing MV Chain’s exclusive bridge
  • Releasing the Genso app for MV Chain BETA
  • Launching the official MV Chain bridge
  • Providing a migration tool for Polygon to MV Chain assets (Polygon will still be available)
  • Launching the official version of Gensokishi Metaworld

The official version of Gensokishi Metaworld

Genso understand that such a major change may cause some doubts and inconveniences, Genso will try their best to answer and reduce the inconvenience caused by the possible migration, upgrading $MV from an application token to the MV CHAIN base currency is a big step in Genso Meta journey to explore WEB3.

Stay tuned for the upcoming AMA (Ask Me Anything) and continuous updates!