Bware Labs Is Disrupting the Industry Paradigm With the Launch of Blast Mainnet

Bware Labs, a leading blockchain infrastructure provider, is launching today the mainnet of their blockchain API platform, Blast.

Blast is a blockchain API platform, designed to provide easy blockchain access to the most relevant networks in the blockchain space. Using Blast, developers are able to get RPC, REST and WebSocket access to an ever-growing number of blockchain networks in just a couple of simple steps.

With the launch of Blast’s mainnet, Bware Labs brings about a new generation of blockchain APIs. The speed and reliability of the API platform will rely mainly on the platform’s Proof of Quality protocol, which refers to enabling node owners to permissionlessly join the Blast Protocol as Node Providers, under the condition that their nodes can satisfy the platform’s performance and data integrity standards.

To participate in Blast’s protocol, Node Providers will need to stake tokens, while all other users can earn an APY by delegating to a Node Provider using Blast’s delegation explorer. Blast’s token holders will also play a critical role in governing the platform’s future development initiatives and improvements for the Decentralized Infrastructure Protocol.

Moreover, according to Bware Labs CEO Flavian Manea, Mainnet brings the chance for the community to participate in the protocol by delegating the company’s INFRA tokens to available staking pools.

“The biggest challenge is being true to your word when it comes to what you want to bring to the table. Maintaining above industry-level standards in terms of quality while running the platform in a decentralized manner is definitely not easy” states Flavian. “In order to tackle that we had to find our own routes and methods, that could ensure that the nodes on Blast present the required performance and that would not prohibit the scalability potential of Blast. Now, decentralization is in sight – all hands on deck lads, let’s launch this ship!”

Blast’s mainnet launch is part of Bware Labs’ ongoing commitment to support Web3 developers throughout their entire blockchain journey by providing high-quality solutions that can help them scale their products faster and easier.

The mainnet launch will roll out in stages, and following the end of the Houston Testnet, Bware Labs will start onboarding the testnet participants, while the permissionless onboarding for anyone who wants to become a Node Provider in Blast will come in the following two weeks, along with the launch of the INFRA token and the possibility to delegate it in available staking pools.

Keep your eyes on the announcements from Bware Labs, and be prepared to jump in one of the biggest blockchain infrastructure providers of the year.

About Bware Labs

Bware Labs is creating an infrastructure and development ecosystem to support Web3 builders throughout their entire blockchain journey. The company aims to play a decisive role in worldwide blockchain adoption.