3air to use the Cardano network to enhance Africa’s telecommunications systems

3air, an Africa-focused blockchain network, recently announced the commencement of its token presale this month on the 26th. The seed sale and the first round of a private sale were both completed successfully.
Cardano-Powered Decentralization

In addition to offering Internet connectivity, 3air hopes to enable its users to transact and conduct business online. The platform uses Cardano’s Atala PRISM to build and manage verified digital identities for platform users. 3air users can use their digital identities to identify themselves with various third-party services.

Also, they can keep verifiable personal details on the blockchain. Users may generate credit ratings using their digital IDs. This way, they can demonstrate excellent credit when applying for a bank loan, for example.

3air also employs a long-term bandwidth sharing approach. It will permit roaming and give shared and accessible internet access locations across the world. Its initial installations will be in restaurants, retail malls, and crowded areas that can benefit from 3air.
3air Tokenholders Benefit Massively

3air will employ the 3air token on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain to develop a next-generation payment environment for its goods. 3air may also be used as a utility and a governance token.

3air holders have full access to all 3air services. They can participate in bandwidth sharing markets and cover infrastructure insurance and maintenance. Furthermore, 3air is ideal for community governance, staking, digital identity generation, rewards incentives and loyalty systems and a tool to assist referral program enthusiasts and agents.

3air token holders can also vote on future strategy and resource allocation. Furthermore, their input will drive the following stages of 3air ecosystem development.
K3 Last Mile Project

In line with its mission to solve physical infrastructure issues in low connectivity areas, 3air partnered with K3 Telecom. The Swiss Telecom operator already has a large client base in Sierra Leone. Thousands of customers in the country will be the first to use the platform when it launches.

The “Last Mile” program intends to provide Internet, IP-telephony, and digital television connectivity. They will connect it to households and business digital systems.

According to assertions made by the 3air team, each of its stations covers a radius of 31 miles or more. Each base station will give broadband Internet connectivity to more than 15,000 customers.

Each base station provides up to 1 Gbps per user speed. It is about 240 times the throughput of the average mobile communicator.

For decades, the African continent has struggled with the digital divide. For internet connectivity, the majority of people in Africa rely on mobile internet providers. These connections are frequently restricted in capacity, unreliable, and costly. 3air plans tackle these problems with improved internet services. It combines innovative wireless technology with a blockchain platform.

In that rationale, 3air is calling for more people to participate in the token presale. The team has tried to make the registration process easy. All you need to do is provide your email address to receive a magic mail with a unique ID. Once you click on the link you receive, it will direct you to the application process automatically. You can find more information about the login process here.